One of the many questions we get for bee removal or any pest control work is…how much is it going to cost me?

The cost of removing honeybees is never cheap, but few people have spare funds for dealing with any pests, especially bees. Unlike spending on holidays, buying a new pet dog, or car, the expense of pest removal provides no tangible benefit beyond resolving the issue permanently. If pests like honeybees are not removed due to cost considerations, the expense of dealing with them later on will likely be even greater.

1. **Mould and Damp Problems**: Honeybee hives can create moisture and humidity within walls or structures where they reside. This can lead to dampness and mould growth over time which will be seen inside your property, potentially damaging the integrity of the building and creating an unhealthy environment. The presence of dampness can also attract other pests and compromise structural integrity.

2. **Rotting Comb and Unpleasant Odours**: If a honeybee colony is abandoned or dies within a structure, the honey and wax in the comb can start to decay and emit foul odours. Rotting bees or comb can produce unpleasant smells that permeate the home, and these odours will only worsen as the colony ages over time before it eventually perishes from one of many issues that can cause them to not survive. So even a dead colony can attract a new swarm to repair it or secondary insects which may infest your home.

3. **Infestation by Secondary Pests**: Leftover honey and comb can draw in secondary pests like wasps, hornets, robber bees, and ants. These pests can become a nuisance and may pose additional risks to the structure or occupants of the building or neighbours who will eventually complain of the issue.

4. **Attracting Other Insects and Pests**: The presence of honey and comb can also attract other unwanted pests such as spiders, slugs, snails, and woodworms. These pests can further contribute to the deterioration of the building materials in your loft, basement, floorboards or any structural areas.

5. **Structural Damage and Hygiene Concerns**: Over time, if not addressed, the presence of honeybee colonies and associated pests can cause structural damage to the building. Additionally, the hygiene and cleanliness of the space may be compromised due to the presence of decaying organic matter and associated pests. Honey can saturate into wooden beams and cause rot to incur or attract woodworms to that area. We have witnessed ceilings collapse due to this specific problem occurring!

6. **Safety and Comfort**: Having a colony of honeybees and associated pests within a living or working space can create safety concerns and discomfort for occupants or neighbours. Allergic reactions to bee stings and the general presence of pests can be unsettling.

7. **Costs and Hive Growth**: Honeybee colonies can grow quite large over years of establishment, which means additional costs may be incurred to remove building fabric to access and safely remove the hive. This can involve significant labour and renovation expenses. So the quote you may be given one year, will no longer be valid after 12 months and will cost more to now have the bees extracted due to the extra building fabric required to remove them.

8. **Fire Hazard**: In certain situations, a beeswax comb left within a working fireplace can pose a fire hazard. Beeswax is highly flammable, and if ignited, it can lead to a dangerous situation within the home, especially chimney fires that can spread into the attic.

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