This customer had already paid for a pest control company to come out and proof the solar panels as pigeons were nesting under them, making a noise from 6am to 11pm, fighting, mating, and leaving their droppings on the panels and cars. Less than 12 months later the pigeons were back living under the panels as they had managed to get under the mesh. They tried to contact the company who installed it but the phone number wasn’t recognised and was no longer ringing. They knew the cheap price they paid to have the proofing done was the reason the pigeons were back and the number was no longer working.

Having already been through a stressful experience, not only with the pigeons but also with the cowboy traders who ran off doing a poor job, left a bitter taste in their mouths, and unsure if they could trust another tradesman again. We have all been there at least once. Having seen our advert, our posts on our social media pages, and our reviews they felt they might be able to trust a trader one more time. We received the call, it was a common story we hear of cheap work being carried out not working long term, then after listening, trying to get the customer to believe we can resolve the problem, that they CAN trust us, and that we even guarantee our work. It is a lot harder to sell a service when someone has already had a bad experience but sometimes it isn’t easy to find the good companies first.

Our price was a lot more than what they originally paid. We needed to hire scaffolding to be safe, something they didn’t use on the last attempt. In fact, they did it off ladders and didn’t take before and after photos, just took the money and were gone. We take pride in our work, we want to be called upon again if needed on other pest issues or to be referred to friends and family members. We want to be known as a company that can be trusted, that is reliable and does not rip anyone off. They went ahead with the work, we carried out the job to the best of our abilities as standard, we proofed and cleaned the panels, cleaned the gutters, and took before and after photos. As we had scaffolding up, the customer was keen to see for themselves what we had done. Well, they were very pleased with the result of the pigeon proofing of their solar panels, they couldn’t even take the mesh off themselves it was stuck on that hard without compromising the solar panels. No drilling is required to have mesh fitted!

12 months on we gave the customer a courtesy call, to check they were still pigeon-free and a happy response came back saying yes! They understood you get what you pay for so paying extra meant a better result and a 7 year guarantee if anything fails or the birds get back under then we will go out and repair free of charge. We even supplied them with a 7 year guarantee certificate for their records.

Why do pigeons live under solar panels?

Well, we keep clearing fields and forests to build new homes leaving the birds nowhere to live. So now they are beginning to adapt to living with us. Solar panels are better than trees, they can build a nest under them, stay out of bad weather like rain or snow, and stop predators from getting to the nests and taking the eggs. It would have been cheaper to have the panels proofed before being installed but some refuse to have the option as they don’t feel they will need it. They don’t get that the panels are going to be a new home for birds or squirrels to take advantage of.

So, if you have any solar panels that are going to be fitted soon, or have any that birds are living under and need to get it resolved then why not get in touch for a no-obligation free quote on how much for us to proof them for years to come? Just send us a message using the enquiry form and we will reply as soon as we receive it.