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Bird Proofing Solar Panels

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why solar panels attract birds?

What is the Process of Bird Proofing Solar Panels?

Before we can start any work on bird proofing solar panels we need to carry out a survey of the solar panels. This is to check to see if there are any nests with eggs in them (refer to bird control page), how many panels are to be proofed, and to see if we require working at height equipment.

We use our drone to get close-up footage of the panels, looking under them and helping to work out what access we need to get to the roof, which could mean using a cherry picker or scaffolding.

We offer a variety of solar panel proofing options depending on budget and aesthetics. Three options we recommend which do not damage or affect the performance of the panels, are adjustable spikes, fixed U spikes which can be adjusted to fit the profile of the tiles manually then trimmed and black wire mesh with metal clips. 

We guarantee our work for 7 years!

We can also offer to clean the gutters and panels while we are on the roof and even carry out any minor repairs such as replacing tiles or repointing chimneys.

If you have photos of your solar panels then we can provide a free quote. Alternatively, just send an image of them to our WhatsApp number 07915 633648.

What happens if you choose to not have the panels proofed.


Without proper solar panel proofing, your solar panels become vulnerable to damage from not only birds, but also squirrels. Pigeons can nest under your panels, causing a range of problems. Their nests and droppings impede the efficiency of your panels.

Squirrels can also chew through wiring and disrupt the functionality of your system meaning a potential fire risk or panels having to be replaced

So why not protect your investment and ensure optimal performance all year round, by choosing our professional solar panel proofing services. Don’t let pests compromise the effectiveness of your solar energy solution. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards keeping your panels bird and squirrel-proof.

So, if you’re in need of effective and reliable pest control services, look no further than BEEKIND Pest Control.

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