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Bird Control & Proofing

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About our bird control and proofing methods

General bird control & proofing

Birds are fascinating and beautiful creatures, and we understand the importance of their protection.

All wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

We believe that bird control should only be carried out if no nest is visible, to ensure their well-being. We cannot interfere if bird activity is seen going into your property. We look to wait until the parents and hatchlings have left the nest for the season. We have a variety of methods to prevent them from returning the next season.

Our team specialises in effective and humane bird control methods that prioritise the safety and conservation of these beautiful creatures. With our expertise, we offer reliable and long-lasting solutions to keep your space free from unwanted bird activity. Contact us today and take the first step towards a pest-free future. BEEKIND Pest Control – delivering reliable results and preserving nature’s harmony.

Problems birds can cause

Birds are a captivating part of the natural world, but they can bring about a range of issues. Some of these issues are:

  • Damage to property
  • Paint damage on vehicles caused by the acid by their droppings
  • Mites from their nests coming into your home
  • Spread of diseases
  • Noise disturbances 

As experts in pest control, once we have carried out the bird proofing and proven that it is effective, we can then look to clean up all the areas that the birds have caused from guano build-up on floors, window ledges or areas they have been nesting. We use a specialist biocide chemical which neutralises the bacteria found in bird droppings, making it safer to remove. However, we always take necessary precautions and fully suit up and control the area so the public is- protected. If you need this level of service and more, then get in touch and discuss your requirements with us today. No job too big or small to take on. Your health and well being is our priority.

Which birds are classed as vermin in the UK?

Pigeons are classed as vermin, along with seagulls, house sparrows, collared doves, starlings and swallows. 

Are pigeons dangerous?

An accumulation of pigeon droppings, feathers, and general debris that can be found around nesting pigeons is an ideal breeding ground for diseases, both fungal and bacterial. Due to this, much like rats, pigeons are carriers of a multitude of diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis, and ornithosis.

Pigeons in close proximity to the home can also cause ongoing allergic reactions.  

How do I get rid of pigeons and other birds?

There are many ways to deter birds from your home or business, bird gel, spikes, and bird netting are just some of the many options on the market to choose from. Many of these tools work best for specific birds, and due to the fact that it is illegal to tamper with the in-use nests of wild birds, in most cases it’s best to contact a professional.

Our expert team will not only handle your bird problem humanely, but we also gaurentee that they wont return. We can additionally take care of clearing up waste once the birds have been delt with. 


So, if you’re in need of effective and reliable bird control and proofing services, look no further than BEEKIND Pest Control.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a pest-free future. We look forward to serving you and helping you reclaim your space from unwanted pests.