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Loft Clearing Services

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About Utilising and Maximising your Loft Space

Can loft clearing services help you make the most of your loft space?

Your loft space is a great place to store unwanted clutter around the home, or to keep your Christmas or Halloween decorations up there. Perhaps you can’t access the loft as your step ladders won’t reach, or you fear of rodents chewing at your belongings? Well, at BEEKIND Pest Control, we offer loft clearing services so you can regain control of your loft space. Here are some options to consider, we can even provide free no obligation quotes for you to consider.




We will carry out a survey to check if there are any signs of rodents in your loft. If so we can check for their entry points and carry out rodent control and proofing. This may take a few weeks to resolve so only once this has been proven to be effective then the worries of your belongings being contaminated can be reduced.




Our loft clearing services include the removal of all of the old contaminated or dirty loft insulation that is up there and replacing it with fresh insulation. We even carry out a special biocide spray before and after removal to neutralise all bacteria and pathogens in the loft, on the joists and beams. It also leaves your loft smelling fresh and clean.



Create more warmth

We can either top up your existing insulation if it is not providing your home with enough warmth, or we can replace the whole loft with fresh insulation. There are several options available on the market ranging from glass mineral wool, rockwool, celotex, man made synthetic fiber and sheeps wool. The 2003 building regulations recommend a minimum of 270mm of insulation, however if you wish to have more then just let us know. We can provide a quote for 270mm, 300mm, 400mm and more.



Loft boarding

We can also offer loft boarding and install loft ladders as an option. We can fit from 4 sqm up to 60 sqm. Check out some of our recent posts on our social media pages to see how we can transform your loft! We have been rated 5 stars by our customers who are very happy with the work we carried out, making sure we placed dust sheets down first, cleaned up after we were done and also noticed how much warmer their home felt afterwards. They also have extra storage as we install the XL legs providing a 300mm leg on top of the existing 100mm joists. The loft insulation can only be a maximum of 370mm under the boards as it needs to allow air to circulate below.

So, if you’re in need of effective loft clearing services, look no further than BEEKIND Pest Control.

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