I have lost count of how many times l have been to see a customer who is at their wits ends in dealing with the pest they cant seem to get rid of. You would think it would be rats or squirrels being the main cause when it can be something as simple as a millipede invasion or book lice!

We understand that home owners are keen to have a go at controlling the pest problem themselves first, using google to get hints and tips on what to use to deter them. The majority of the time it never works or takes weeks and months to remove them but doesn’t prevent them from returning. The problem with the pest is you know they are there, they can keep you awake at night or they are simply getting your worked up as you cant seem to stop them.

Pests can cause anxiety, stress, PTSD and cause mental health issues that can affect your daily life and wellbeing. So much so, that they can drive you from your home as you feel there is no way to stop or beat them. You may even attempt at getting in a pest controller but with little confidence they can solve the problem or it will cost you an arm and a leg to get on top of it with no guarantee the treatment or control methods will work. This in itself will cause even more stress and it would just feel easier to sell up and move away.

Well, there is a solution. Beekind Pest Control. We even guarantee our solutions!

I have lost count the numerous calls weve had, even been their last shot at dealing with the pest after 2 or 3 other pest controllers have failed to stop them. However, every single customer l speak to, meet and listen to l take on their concerns, understand the issue and everytime l solve the problem. Sometimes its just dealing with the issue in a differernt way others havent even tried. Sometimes it takes going into the sewer system or lofts to stop the issue which sounds like standard practice but many pest controllers don’t check these areas.  Sometimes it requires getting our drone up to look for areas you cant see from the ground, and sometimes it just requires getting on your belt buckle and looking at the height the pest is being found and finding their entry point you don’t see from being stood up. I can assure you, l take every call and every enquiry through the website seriously. I cant always provide a solution first so what l find is very important is a survey. Sending in photos doesn’t give us the full scope of what im looking for, the photos l get are what they think l need to see. A survey which is chargeable from £75+vat can last from 10 minutes up to 1 hour and in that time l am looking for how to control and stop the pest in its tracks permanently. Sometimes we might need to use traps or posion but only if we need to control the numbers first then consider stopping their return after. There have been times l have stopped the problem on the day, either installing a one-way valve, plugging a hole with wire wool, or sealing up holes with other materials like cement or post crete.

We may not be the cheapest pest control company around but you go through life knowing you get what you pay for. I’ve seen budget pest control being carried out. You might aswell have set fire to the money you used to hire someone. Over the years I’ve had to replace poor proofing materials, cheap chicken mesh used around solar panels that never stopped the pigeons from returning and the owner couldn’t get hold of the company after. That was £400 sent down the drain. Ive heard of pest controllers using traps when they dont catch anything becuase the bait is wrong or the rodent is trap shy, leaving the customer with the pest and £200+ out of pocket. Ive seen honeybee colonies treated with ficam d or an insecticide which is illegal to use on bees, which causes several colonies to collapse and die as robber bees will steal honey from a dying colony any take it to their own colony along with the insecticide which ends up in jars of honey and kills the colony in the process. The honey bee colony was then taken over by a new swarm that carried on building over the old colony with insecticide all over it and the customer ended up with the same problem again. Unless you remove the propolis and honey will you stop bees returning. No insecticide will ever stop that long term.

So, before you decide to put your house on the market for sale or look at finding a new place to rent, get in touch and give us one chance at solving it.

Remember we take on pest problems like they are in our own home so we want them gone as quickly as you do. Sometimes it just means trusting the process and waiting a few days for the changes to happen.

Over the years we have stopped several people from selling up but we have also found new owners with pre existing pest problems because the pest won and drove out the old homeowners.

Get in touch with the enquiry form or email us at info@beekindpestcontrol.co.uk – We are passionate about pest prevention and saving bees.