The picture is from a customer we went out to help after 40 years of living with rats above them in the loft. As the rats couldn’t get in the house it wasn’t a problem until the lights and electrics eventually stopped working. Rodents need to constantly gnaw to keep their incisors trim as they grow at 2mm a week. The photo above is a small section of the 45sqm loft that was heavily contaminated.

The electrician that went out to fix the problem refused to go into the loft so we were called out to sort it. The problem came from a redundant pipe in the sewers under an extension. They then breached into the house, up the cavity walls into the loft. Breeding thousands of rats in 40 years. There wasn’t a clear surface and the loft floor was 2 inches thick of droppings. Within a few weeks, the rats were stopped getting access with a £15 bung, but the cleaning and clearing of the loft took a week, our industrial hoover struggled and the filter had to be replaced several times. However, we got the loft cleared and treated all beams with biocide which helped make the loft smell fresh once more. It also meant the electrician was now safe to go back into the loft without the risk of contracting a virus and repair the electrics. We have kept in touch with the owner over the past few years to check everything is still quiet and it’s great to hear a “yes!” every time.

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